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About Dr. Masi

Dr. Dale Masi

President, CEO
MASI Research


Dr. Dale A. Masi

MASI Research Consultants Inc. is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. MASI's first client was IBM and it subsequently has worked with hundreds of private and public, national and international employers in designing, evaluating and training for Employee Assistance Programs. Dr. Dale Masi is president and founder, has authored 15 books on Employee Assistance Programs, lectures internationally and is a Fulbright Scholar.
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At The Employee Assistance Professional Association’s 2012 Annual World EAP Conference

Baltimore, Maryland - October 20, 2012



In recognition of your lifetime of outstanding service and contributions to EAPA and the profession of employee assistance.

EAPA’s 2012 Annual World EAP Conference
Baltimore, Maryland • October 20, 2012"

Dr. Dale Masi

Dr. Dale Masi at the EAPA’s 2012 Annual World EAP Conference.





Welcome to MASI Research Consultants

Masi Research Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Dr. Dale A. Masi (President / CEO, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland).

Masi Research Consultants is unique in the EAP profession for providing quality control in the EAP field through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including cost benefit studies and clinical reviews. MASI works with EAP vendors in assisting them in the accreditation process.

Masi Research Consultants (MASI) assists organizations, domestically and internationally, with planning, designing and evaluating Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Work/Life programs. MASI helps companies write Requests For Proposals (RFPs) and select appropriate EAP vendors, offering guidance through each part of the process.

EAP Management Services

  1. EAP Evaluation & Consulting
  2. EAP Professional Education Courses & Lectures
  3. EAP Policy and Product Development

  Introducing The History of Employee Assistance Programs In The United States - A New Book by Dale A. Masi  


The History of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in the United States provides a comprehensive look at the seventy year history of EAPs.


The first part of the history includes the historical data of the field using as source material social science literature, trade publications, government documents and other relevant sources. The narrative traces the growth of EAPs from occupational social work to occupational alcoholism to the fully matured employee assistance field. It ends with a prospective on the current issues and potential directions of the field.


The second part of the history consists of eight hour-long interviews with pioneers in the field that are also conducted by the author. The videos are online at the University of Maryland Health Science Library, and are available at the link below.

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As part of the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s EAP 40th Anniversary Celebration, Dr. Dale Masi was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award on November 7, 2019 at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC.  The event, emceed by Professor Jodi Frey, current chair of the EAP Sub-Specialization at the University of Maryland, honored the career of Dr. Masi in acknowledging her creation (and chairmanship)  of the EAP Specialization at the University of Maryland’s School of Social Work, her design and implementation of the Model EAP Program for the Federal Government at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and her invaluable contributions to the field through the publication of such seminal works as Designing Employee Assistance Programs, Evaluating Your EAP and Managed Behavioral Care Program, and the four volumes of the International Employee Assistance Compendium.


Photos from the Award Ceremony:


Dr. Dale Masi's Speech at the Award Ceremony:

  Listen to Dr. Masi's acceptance speech.  

Dear Colleagues,

In 2011, I created and began teaching the only On-Line EAP Certificate Program available to students worldwide. The program has been a great success, with almost all courses at or above student capacity. I am proud to note we have had students enroll from over thirty-three different countries. The school is ready to grow and offer additional courses.

As result, I am happy to tell you that the Employee Assistance Professionals Assn. (EAPA) has acquired the school from MASI Research Consultants and will be providing the expanded program with the University of Maryland School of Social Work. I will remain as a consultant to the program for one year and will assist in training new professors for the courses.

You will receive a formal announcement from EAPA with more details. Any further questions should be directed to Greg DeLapp, EAPA CEO at

I encourage you to continue to support the school and EAP education.

Warm regards,


  Dr. Dale Masi received the “Ad Laudem Dei” Medal  


At a dinner on Saturday October 20th in Riverdale NYC at the College of Mount St. Vincent, Dale Masi was awarded the Ad Laudem Medal. The President of the College, Charles Flynn, explained the medal is “given in recognition for professional achievements of national significance and illustrates that service is not a supplemental activity but rather an approach to the responsibilities of work” The award is given for extraordinary achievement in Humanities, Religion and Education.

Charles Flynn, President of the College of Mount St. Vincent with Dr. Dale Masi



The History of Employee Assistance in the U.S. and Canada: Dr. Dale Masi interviews eight key informants

BLOOMINGTON, IL, April 25, 2017 - The Employee Assistance Research Foundation’s (EARF) latest project is designed to address a critical deficiency in the employee assistance/work-life knowledge base – a definitive resource that documents the history and evolution of EAPs. The initial phase of this effort is now complete and available – video interviews with eight key informants focused on the development of EAPs and Work-Life in the U.S. and Canada over the last 50 years. Dr. Dale Masi, a well-known distinguished scholar, Professor Emeritus, and professional consultant in the employee assistance field conducted the interviews in the Media Lab at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Dr. Masi was assisted by Dr. Jodi Jacobson Frey, Associate Professor and Chair of the EAP sub-specialization at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Social Work.

Dr. Masi’s interviews can be viewed at the Employee Assistance Digital Archive ( housed in the University of Maryland Baltimore’s Health Sciences and Human Services Library. Direct links to the individual interviews are provided below:

Carl Tisone Interview:
Fran Rodgers Interview:
Jim Wrich Interview:
Dale Masi Interview:
John Burke Interview:
Rick Csiernik Interview:
Rita Fridella Interview:
Dave Sharar Interview:




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  EAPA Publishes
Dr. Masi news-brief
Marijuana Policy Needed in the Workplace


The Journal of Employee Assistance (The magazine of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association), published the Marijuana Policy Needed in Workplace news-brief by Dr. Dale Masi in the 3rd Quarter 2015 issue. Read News-Brief.


Employee Assistance Digital Archive

Masi Research Consutants is an Ambassador of the International Employee Assistance Digital Archive



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